Service Packages: Different delivery packages are available to clients based on the various market segments. In the main, there are three broad categories of service packages as follows:

Home & Small Building Maintenance Scheme

Under this scheme paid-up subscription clients are entitled to 24/7 call service free of charge (save material costs). Uniformed artisans will arrive on site within 45 – 120 minutes in GDH marked vehicle/motor bike after the a few security checks. Once the nature of the job request is known during the call, the artisan will come with basic materials for “First Aid” solutions. While on site the full extent of the work is assessed, discussed and agreed with the client before execution.

Mobile Maintenance Scheme For Small/Medium Commercial Properties That Have Multi-Location Branches Such Banks, Telecom And Retail Shops

Sites/properties would be assessed and the nature of services, frequency and standard of delivery as well as negotiated charges agreed with client and a relationship contract executed and reviewed periodically.

On - Site Maintenance Scheme For Large Commercial Properties – Office Complexes, Hotels, Airports And Shopping Malls

GDH shall keep a team of full-time artisans on the property 12 hours a week or 24/7 as may be required by client. The nature and standard of services will be specified, charges negotiated and agreed, and all reduced into a performance contract with a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Package For Requested Services (I.E. One-Off Specific Performance Contract)

This relates to the following category of clients / services: In all three cases specific services are defined, assessed, agreed, delivered and paid for on completion

By Subcription

This is on a retainer basis – where monthly subscription fees are paid in return for 24/7 services access. The subscription fees cover labour and transport – the cost of materials is borne by the subscriber. Service requested are attended to within 2 hours of notification

By Service-On-Request

Under this model no monthly payment is required – i.e. payments are made only upon delivery of the agreed service. The total cost of services requested is assessed (materials + transport + labour & overheads) discussed and agree with the client before execution